In 2012, Mr. Steiger founded Air Charter Advisors, Inc.., a Florida based aviation consulting firm. The Air Charter Advisors team focuses on four lines of business which include On-Demand Charter FlightsAircraft Management, and Aircraft Sales/Acquisitions. The Air Charter Advisors are focused on customer service, privacy, and have safety due diligence practices that are above FAA safety standards for their clients.

“Our Clients are the top executives in their respective industry. Their safety is of the utmost important, more so than getting the “cheap” option, hence our Star Operator Network“.

In addition Mr. Steiger also consults as a member of organizations such as Gerson Lehman Group, Alphasights, and Guidepoint Advisors.

Mr. Steiger has always had a love for technology. Prior to starting the Air Charter Advisors team he started working for Avinode, the largest wholesale marketplace to buy and sell private air charter. During his employment as Northeast Sales Manager and Director of Business Intelligence for the U.S., he focused on:

  • Consulting and advising Jet Charter Brokers on best ways to locate aircraft for their clients.
  • Consulting Aircraft Owners and Private Aircraft Management Companies to market their private turbo props, jets, and helicopters online.
  • Creating Analytic Reports regarding the Statistics of Private Aviation base on aircraft throughout the world.

After the acquisition of their largest competitor (CharterX, WYVERN, and Schedaero) he decided it was time for a business change.

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